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Buying Advice

Consult your bank or broker to establish a budget for your property purchase. Where possible, obtain pre-approval for your loan.
Inspect as many properties within the area as possible to ascertain how size, quality, position and access to amenities affect prices.
Source properties for sale by:

  • Driving around the neighborhoods of selected areas looking for ‘for sale signs’. Check out the dominant agent and contact them. Not all properties for sale have signs on them.
  • Check out Real Estate Agents’ websites and property advertising portals.
  • Looking in newspapers and local papers real estate classified advertising.
  • Do you have any friends in the neighborhood? Ask them to keep an eye out for new property listings.

Viewing properties

Inspect the homes at either advertised home open times or by appointment with the real estate agent.
You need to look at the location and style of the property in relation to your requirements: the size of the property, proximity to the lifestyle features you are after should be considered. Once you have found a property that suits you, it is wise to check it out during the week as well as on the weekend, as a peaceful environment one day might be quite different at other times.
Making an offer:

Start with end result in mind. Ask yourself "what do I want" and if appropriate "analyze the needs of the seller. Put in a good offer for your first offer. A lot of buyers want to play the negotiating game and that is okay, but don't let your offer be too low as you can almost offend the property owners and the chances of them returning to the negotiating table with you are lessened if your first offer is too low.

An offer is not legally binding on both parties until the buyer and seller have signed a contract, and you have been notified of their acceptance. If an offer is being negotiated, remember, either party can withdraw from the offer or the seller may be able to accept another offer if one is presented.

Congratulations – it’s yours!

Once your offer has been accepted, make sure that you meet the crucial contract dates. The selling agent will outline them and will prompt you of the deadlines; however, it is both the buyer’s and seller’s obligations to perform their contractual duties.


Cardinal Realty


Selling Advice

First Impressions Count

Take a walk across the street and look at your home objectively. What kind of first impression does you home make, how does your property look from the street?
You need any potential buyers to be sufficiently impressed from the street to stop the car and get out and take a closer look; remember many buyers will be busily checking out up to a dozen different properties in one day.


Inside your house remove clutter particularly from hallways and access ways, clean open spaces with no clutter make the property appear more spacious and won’t distract the buyer’s eye. It's the little things that count here but excellent presentation really can make a huge difference in how your property is accepted by the buyers.



Location Location Location is important, but equally so and often overlooked is Presentation Presentation Presentation. It doesn’t need to be expensive; you don’t always need to hire a design stylist when just some simple commonsense tips that you can do yourself will help enormously.

As agents we know that in properties that sell fast and for substantially higher prices; ultimately the number 1 factor was presentation.
Your home's sale price could be improved immensely by just simple tips of removing clutter, freshening up with a coat of paint where needed and basic stuff like letting in plenty of natural light and fresh air.
Open the curtains blinds and blinds and let in as much light as you can, buyers love natural light. Your goal is to present a home that has been and is still loved. Use emotion to make your property feel like a home, nobody wants a house, everybody wants a home.


Cardinal Realty


Selling Marketing



Our marketing objective is to realize the sale of your property achieving the best possible price through professional representation and marketing that is both cost effective and produces results.

Recommendations for Your Property

We will make recommendations on the method of sale that suits your property, your needs and the market conditions. One of the most common methods is:


Sale by Private Treaty

One of the options to sell your property is sale by Private Treaty. Your expected sale range is decided after consultation; however, as market forces dictate eventual sale prices, it is important we set a realistic price to effect a satisfactory and expedient sale.
However, there are other options and we are able to guide you on their potential merits for your property.


Marketing Program Options

Cardinal Realty has a strategic approach to marketing. We will tailor a programme that will achieve optimum exposure of your property in a controlled period of time. This simple strategy greatly enhances the prospect of a sale of your property and maximizes its sale price.

Agency Terms and Conditions

We put forward this marketing proposal as the Exclusive Marketing Agents for your property. As such, we seek appointment as the Exclusive Agent under the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia - approved Exclusive Selling Agency Agreement for the sale of residential property. It is Cardinal Realty company policy to always, where possible conjunct with all other real estate agencies.
Strategies and Schedules

On appointment as your agent, we will use the marketing program of your choice and we will prepare a schedule of marketing with details of promotional events relating to your property. This is a team effort and each member is valuable and crucial to the selling process.